How to plan for a stress free move

Plan your move

Planning in any endeavor is crucial and it goes true for the moving of home too and if you could plan it you could be a happy and contented man or woman in your new home keeping your leg up in your favorite chair and reminiscing the day you moved for a long time into the future

Moving is not an easy task and it would drain you of mental and physical strength through the episode and for that you would need to be ready and face it with courage and wisdom too.

Courage to withstand the anxiety and physical strength and wisdom to select the best moving company that would handle your move with any hiccups or hassles.

Wisdom would again come into contention because many frauds are being committed in the moving industry of which you need to be vary of and well informed before you handover all your valuable lifelong belongings  collected over many years to be spirited away by unscrupulous individuals.

Planning in detail is good for you and would bring a professional touch to what you intend doing, thjat is your move from one home to another.

The average American is researched to be moving 11 times in his lifetime and that is a lot and also a billion dollar industry which because of some bad eggs is being relegated as a very corrupt and fraudulent industry in the United States.

The Federal Motor Carriers and Safety Administration is bending backwards trying to make this industry safe but we hear very alarming incidents of fraud being perpetrated by some and gullible people are still falling prey.

Planning is very important and it is the desire of everyone to have no untoward thing happening on the day you move from one location to another.

Finding the best moving company

Hence early planning should begin with finding the best moving company which is also like finding a needle in a haystack, because there are a dime a dozen of movers but all of them are not genuine and there could be fraudsters among their midst leaving a bad taste all around which has given this industry a very bad reputation.

You could begin your moving endeavor by making a complete list of all the Things To Do and tabulating them in a folder and keeping a record of all that you have done to execute your moving on the date that you have chosen.

Once you have listed the chores that you may need to accomplish during a specific time period it becomes necessary to ensure that they are followed to the letter and that everything moves to military precision so that you need not tear away your hair when the day comes to do the physical moving.

It is not possible for you to move all your belongings by yourself hence you may need the help of professionals and after finding them getting them to handle the move would be prudent on your part.

Listing what to do

Listing what you need to do long before and ticking off one by one when you complete each one would allow you that window of opportunity to concentrate on the other little chores concerned with the moving.

Informing the school authorities and obtaining the school leaving certificates to enroll your kids in the new school, then going around to the Post Office and informing them in writing your move and the new address where they should redirect your letters are all important chores which you would need to attend to.

Getting all the family medical records transferred to the new area where you would go to live and informing all your friends and others about your new address are all important.

Walking to your bank and informing them and finding out if they do have a branch closer to your new home transferring your accounts over there or closing you accounts should also be done.

Packing fragile and breakables

It is easy if you start packing the fragile and breakables early into cardboard boxes and ensuring that it could stand some rough handling during transit is also important.

Going through the stuff that you have and then deciding what you would need to take with you and what you would need to dispose should be done at least two months before the date of moving.

This would give less hassle of packing and also would rid unnecessary stuff being carried along with you which does not serve any purpose for you or your family.

Labeling the boxes and ensuring that everything that went into it are well and carefully packed and cannot be damaged in transit is what you should ensure and this information about the items marked fragile should be passed on to the professional mover on the day of the move.

Winding up

Get the kids transferred to the new school in the new location you are moving into and get the necessary transfer certificates.

If the need arises’ transfer the bank operations to your new location too as it would be a hassle for you to come all the way to attend to urgent bank matters.

Visit the local Post Office and get the required documentation for transfer of location and ensure you obtain confirmation because important documents should not be pilfered or lost after you leave.


Documentation to confirm that all final utility payments have been settled, and confirmation that they are all in order from the relevant authorities or from the landlords or estate agents.

Having these documentations with you is necessary as you may be required to produce them at a later date if the unforeseen happens.


Written confirmation from the movers and packers, to whom you have commissioned your move, confirming that they will arrive at the appointed time and date, to execute the contracted move.

It is important that you select the right mover so that you would not wanting and waiting in wane and they would not arrive even after collecting some part of the charges that they are expected to receive.

Packing list and inventory

The packers and movers  would have to sign the packing list and the inventory whilst taking delivery of your stuff and they are obliged to deliver same to your new location and if they fail to do so you could be in serious trouble if you do not have at least the items on record that have been handed over to them.


5 Tips How To Avoid Fake Packers And Movers Companies

Shifting a home is not at all an easy task with people looking to relocate from one city

to another for better work opportunities. A lot of effort and hard work is required to

pack, move and again unpack the stuff during shifting home. The tasks like these

require a precise calculative move so that you are able to get the relocation done in

an easy manner. However, it is found out that a lot of movers and packers have come

in trend but with them comes the trouble of fake companies.

So in order to avoid choosing a fake company for your relocation needs,

you need to follow below tips:

1. Check The Track Record of the Company

It is always advisable to go through the track record of any organization before

keeping them finalized. Always go through the online testimonials and reviews that

will help you check on the authenticity of the company. The packers and movers

which have the best reputation in the market are always considered to be reliable and

good as compared to the ones that come with an average amount of reputation or

response towards the society.

2. Keep everything in written documents

Written proofs are always good with a better record of receipt. Never trust on the

words so be sure to get everything on written in the paper. Never ever depend on the

face value. If any moving company deny to provide you with the documents it is

always better to avoid hiring them for your requirement.

3. Never give full payment in advance

Making full payment in advance will make you fall in trouble as at the first instance

there is no gentility that whether the company will work for you or simply went away

without helping you to relocate. It is advisable to pay few amount in advance and

once the relocation process is done then pay the final sum. In this way, you are

preventing yourself from fake companies.

4. Check the License of a Moving Company

Always check out and investigate on the license number of the moving company.

Check the license number in the database to make sure that the mover is not a fake

company. Another important thing that you should always keep in mind is that the

moving company should be having a proper license otherwise it is difficult to offer

your project. Without checking on these two important things you should never sign

the contract with the moving company.

5. Check the vendor visits your home before finalizing

Make sure that the vendor at least pay a visit a day or two prior to moving out as the

process is indeed a very challenging one and it is recommended that things are sorted

well in advance. In this manner, even you are made well aware of your mover and

the personal contact will help you prevent from the fake companies.

Hence, always follow the above tips whenever you plan to avoid getting a

fake packers and movers company.

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Top 5 Things to know while moving from Kolkata to Bangalore

These days with the prospects of better job opportunity people are shifting to one city to another.

There are a lot of things that one should keep in mind while moving out from Kolkata to Bangalore in order to save themselves from burning their pockets and wasting time on things that are petty.

Packers And Movers Kolkata


Here are Top 5 things that you should know while planning to move from Kolkata to Bangalore:

Hire a Movers and Packers Moving Company

Always check the credentials of the packers and movers company

You as a customer should always check about the reputation of the company.

Always check proper Details about Services

Always check out the deal that you are about to get while signing a contract.  Before signing the contract speak to the professional in complete advance to check with the services.

Label Each Box with the Proper Destination

As it is not only the packing but unpacking of things that can be also challenging. To avoid problems once you move from one city to another it is always advisable to have a proper label on the box that you are planning to keep so that while unpacking you don’t have to suffer from troubles.

All Necessary Things should be Handy 

While the movers and packers company will pack all the stuff, it is advisable that all the essential things should be kept in handy so that even if you require before you reach the destination you are able to utilize it in a better way.

Experienced Movers and Packers Make Your Moving an Attractive One

movers-and-packersMoving your valuables from one place to another is not only boring but also a challenging job, particularly if you have packages of items to move. The whole process includes packaging up of your factors, choosing of automobiles for moving your valuables, running and unloading factors and several other related projects, all of them being time-devouring making you concerned and stiff. However, now days, several moving and packaging companies have popped up here and there to assist you in the event of moving your valuables from one place to another. Just get in touch with moving and packaging organization and turn your moving or shifting hassle-free and easy.

Suppose you are shifting your property. In cases like this, it is not always possible to carry all the heavy valuables, furniture and furniture to your new house on your own. Moreover, tremendous proper care is necessary for making an excellent shifting. In that case, it is best to call on Packers and Movers Kolkataor seeks expert home-shifting solutions who are experts in managing and moving of family products. You can also take assistance for office/corporate and all other types of shifting from the movers and packers.

Movers and Packers are experts in packaging all your useful valuables, even the fragile ones. They take additional proper want to pack your products in wood made or steel percussion, high-quality boxes, gunny purses and wood made cages. They even use thermocol for the shifting reasons.

The truth continues to be true that house moving is a frustrating process that cannot be carried out on one’s own. You have taken a decision that you want to move your whole house to a new place. Checking out packaging the goods? The very considered packaging items results in you nervous. If you try packaging items by yourself, likelihood is you may break items due to that you do not have information or experience in packaging items. Some products can be sensitive while others are strong. Those products that are sensitive require alert. This is where the role of talented moving companies comes into play. An excellent moving service is aware of what the clients are looking for in terms of secure and reasonably priced solutions.

Why should you get in touch with knowledgeable movers and packers?

You would find several Packers and Movers Kolkata, which are also known as movers, if you do a comprehensive online investigation. An excellent moving service would assess every minute detail of the customer’s needs and comes up with the best solution that shows beneficial to the clients. It has an expert team of experienced and qualified employees who perform the process of packaging items using a top high-quality packaging content. They highlight on the truth that products should be loaded using an ideal high-quality packaging content so that they do not come into exposure to any loss while being provided from one location to another.

Before you hire the efficient solutions of moving companies, particular that you need to take into consideration. You should go through their site so that you can get a good concept about their solutions. Make sure that you read the recommendations on the site. By doing this, you would get a good concept about the trustworthiness of the moving companies that would state how many clients are content with its solutions. You should ensure that the employees of the organisation are sincere and perform any given process with stability. If the organisation is able to handle any question pertaining to moving and packaging on a short notice, then it is a genuine organisation.

An excellent moving service would have divisions in major places so that the clients can be helped with their moving needs. It would send its companions so that you receive items in a proper condition. It also manages the necessary documentation for moving. Your house moving process would be a great one with the help knowledgeable moving service.