Experienced Movers and Packers Make Your Moving an Attractive One

movers-and-packersMoving your valuables from one place to another is not only boring but also a challenging job, particularly if you have packages of items to move. The whole process includes packaging up of your factors, choosing of automobiles for moving your valuables, running and unloading factors and several other related projects, all of them being time-devouring making you concerned and stiff. However, now days, several moving and packaging companies have popped up here and there to assist you in the event of moving your valuables from one place to another. Just get in touch with moving and packaging organization and turn your moving or shifting hassle-free and easy.

Suppose you are shifting your property. In cases like this, it is not always possible to carry all the heavy valuables, furniture and furniture to your new house on your own. Moreover, tremendous proper care is necessary for making an excellent shifting. In that case, it is best to call on Packers and Movers Kolkataor seeks expert home-shifting solutions who are experts in managing and moving of family products. You can also take assistance for office/corporate and all other types of shifting from the movers and packers.

Movers and Packers are experts in packaging all your useful valuables, even the fragile ones. They take additional proper want to pack your products in wood made or steel percussion, high-quality boxes, gunny purses and wood made cages. They even use thermocol for the shifting reasons.

The truth continues to be true that house moving is a frustrating process that cannot be carried out on one’s own. You have taken a decision that you want to move your whole house to a new place. Checking out packaging the goods? The very considered packaging items results in you nervous. If you try packaging items by yourself, likelihood is you may break items due to that you do not have information or experience in packaging items. Some products can be sensitive while others are strong. Those products that are sensitive require alert. This is where the role of talented moving companies comes into play. An excellent moving service is aware of what the clients are looking for in terms of secure and reasonably priced solutions.

Why should you get in touch with knowledgeable movers and packers?

You would find several Packers and Movers Kolkata, which are also known as movers, if you do a comprehensive online investigation. An excellent moving service would assess every minute detail of the customer’s needs and comes up with the best solution that shows beneficial to the clients. It has an expert team of experienced and qualified employees who perform the process of packaging items using a top high-quality packaging content. They highlight on the truth that products should be loaded using an ideal high-quality packaging content so that they do not come into exposure to any loss while being provided from one location to another.

Before you hire the efficient solutions of moving companies, particular that you need to take into consideration. You should go through their site so that you can get a good concept about their solutions. Make sure that you read the recommendations on the site. By doing this, you would get a good concept about the trustworthiness of the moving companies that would state how many clients are content with its solutions. You should ensure that the employees of the organisation are sincere and perform any given process with stability. If the organisation is able to handle any question pertaining to moving and packaging on a short notice, then it is a genuine organisation.

An excellent moving service would have divisions in major places so that the clients can be helped with their moving needs. It would send its companions so that you receive items in a proper condition. It also manages the necessary documentation for moving. Your house moving process would be a great one with the help knowledgeable moving service.

Packers and Movers: Why do you need professionals to do this job in Kolkata?


If you are planning to relocate from the home or office to some other place, the thing which is worrying you the most is packing and moving your packed belongings to the new place.

What to Prefer: Packing on your own or getting help from the experts?

As nobody can be perfect at everything, let the experts do their job instead of doing a lot of hard work and still finding that you have distorted goods and broken groceries. Hiring the professional packers and movers is the best remedy to get everything done within least time, leaving your things intact from the damage.

If you are in Kolkata, finding the best Packers and movers in Kolkata is a tough task. Euro Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd is the best choice for getting the reliable employees who have par excellence in their work.

Hiring the professionals ensures that you are not going to live in the rooms filled with packed boxes from months. They have the expertise to do everything in the fastest possible manner, along with the guarantee that you are not going to arrive at the new place with a lot of things needing replacement as you have broken them.

What to consider while selecting Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Though you should choose the experts for the packing and moving job but it does not mean to choose the service provider blindly. As it is rare to find the perfect mover and packer services in Kolkata but you need to take extra care in selecting anyone for your tasks.

Do not select packers and movers because they are providing the services at the cheapest rates. Get the written contracts instead of believing in the words only. Check the background and previous record of employees and the company before selecting them.

We, the Euro packers and movers, have got the best and reliable staff as we hire anyone only after getting the complete details. Our services are affordable and we do everything with proper paperwork.

Euro packers and movers in Kolkata is the well-known and reputed group for the moving and packing business.

Qualities to look for

The criteria which you can use to get the best movers and packers in Kolkata is explained in the checklist here-

  • Look for the reliability and quality instead of the cheap services.
  • Opt for the services after checking the details of the packers and movers you are hiring.
  • Get everything on paper instead of relying on the words.
  • Look for the excellence, speed, timeliness and perfection.
  • Decide the rates and schedule properly.

So, if you ready to shift, we are available to serve you with the best packing and moving services in Kolkata. Do hire us to get everything done without any hassle. We excel in our work, along with the expertise and timeliness. You do not need to pack your goods on your own to create a mess. Just Relax and let the professionals work!

Packing Essentials for a Safe and Secured Relocation

 This will ensure you of receiving all the items in a perfect shape at your new address.

Basic Tips for Packing your Stuff:

  • Exquisite c rockeries:

    While packing the exquisite and fragile crockeries, ensure to line up the boxes with bubble wraps and newspapers or foam fillers. This will avoid any kind of collision among the items and assure of not getting a scratch while being shifted to your new address.

  • Lamp Shades: While packing lamp shades, you should box it down and put its flat side up inside the box and please make sure for not placing anything heavy on it. This will ensure your lamp shade is perfectly packed.
  • Use Right Kind of Boxes: Always seek good quality cartons or boxes which are of small or medium size for storing your stuffs like book, clothes and other stuffs. This will help in a convenient loading and unloading of the boxes.
  • Keep the Essentials: You should make a choice of storing and keeping only the essential and most valued things. Consider for donating or selling the usable items, which are now not necessary for you.
  • Set your Bathroom: For packing your brushes and other accessories, you can use small toiletry bag. At the top of the pack ensure in putting up the lighter items like towels, rugs or shower curtains.
  • Dispose Hazardous Materials:  You will find most of the packers and movers in India do not transport hazardous materials.

Note: Label all the packed containers or boxes for convenience

India based Euro Packers and Movers has its head office in Kolkata and branch offices in all over India like Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Pune. Contact today at Contact at-+91-9903323350 / 9163708888.

Four Reasons to Choose A Full-Service Moving Company In India

A Full-Service Moving Company In India

The job of moving or household shifting in India evokes a mixed feeling inside us, which comprises grief for departing the present domicile, and leaving behinds the friends, and fulfillment for getting a chance to discover a new place. However, besides these sentiments, there is another sort of emotion that will surely strike you, and that’s the sense of physical and mental stress. Yes, mental and physical stress is expected when you do the packing & moving task on your own.

However, this complicated task can become easier if you hire a full-service moving company in India to help your move. A full-service moving company in India offers you complete moving package to ensure a hassle free relocation. If you have any doubt about the ability of a full-service relocation firm, just go through this post:

Saves your most valuable time:

You probably have heard the saying “time is money”. But unluckily, in the present situation, nobody has time to rest or have amusement.

No concerns of packing materials:

You don’t have to buy any packing materials if you have the liberty of a full service moving firm in India. The company will be offering you with the entire packing materials required to pack your stuff that comprises boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping sheet, foam wraps as well as everything else required to pack all the belongings securely.

The safety of belongings:

Avail transit insurance:

What you will do if your goods experience a dent, or any other big injury? How to survive from such sort of mishap? No idea? That is why

If you are looking for the most reliable home shifting in India, please get in touch with Euro Packers & Movers. No matter, whether it is long distance or short distance moving we are your one stop solution. Please reach us at +91-9321244755.

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Moving can be rarely a pleasant experience for us. Moving related concerns like the packing, the chaos, the risk of damaging heirloom or expensive electronic accessories are quite difficult to handle. To make the transition from a location to another easier, you should choose packers and movers in Kolkata to meet your needs and preferences associated with your relocation.

Why You Should Choose Packers and Movers Over DIY Relocation?

Relocation in Kolkata

Save Time

Packing an entire household while doing daily chores will probably take several weeks of time, that means you’ll have to live in a house surrounded by boxes, piles of things to be packed and packing supplies. In contrast, professional packers and movers can pack almost all your household accessories within one to two days of tines, while making your daily life during the weeks up to your moving day much more enjoyable. With having professional packers for getting your household ready for your relocation, you’ll get enough time to take care of your necessary concerns like saying goodbye to neighbors, shopping new furniture and other important things for your new home decoration.

Protect Your Possessions

May people who’re packing on their own want to pack everything in a safe and secure manner. However, as the moving day approaches, the things can get more hectic, so you should be more careful while using your things. Otherwise, you can get unfortunate consequences.

But the packers and movers in Kolkata can offer efficient, safe packing of your household items in order to make sure that your accessories can’t break down in transit. However, they know that over packed moving boxes and poorly packed containers can slow down the loading as well as unloading process and can even lead to a serious injury.

Minimize your Stress

Moving to a new place includes stressful consequences; but relying on professional packers and movers to pack up your entire household can lessen your stress level. Think again. You won’t have sufficient time for packing and worrying about how to and when to pack your stuffs. In addition to, professional packing service can reduce the stress of worrying about how to pack fragile accessories. With them, be sure of getting your valuable possessions packed with the maximum security.

Get Organized

Most often, when people do their own packing (especially when they are in a hurry), they don’t get to pack similar items (the things that belong to a room) together. But professional packers can make sure that similar items will be packed together, thereby eliminating the unpacking time and getting your new home organized. Even, your each and every moving box will be marked neatly and correctly, so that they will get delivered to your new location without any hitch.


Preparing a move can be a time consuming and stressful task. But the qualified packers and movers in Kolkata of Euro Packers and Movers can offer a hassle free relocation while minimizing the level of your stress and frustration. To find out more about our packing and moving process, feel free to contact us today. We appreciate your queries and will provide free, in-home estimates right away!

How to Enjoy a Convenient Car Transportation in India?

 Does the real cause of worry is to transport or shift your car?

you should let your car to be transported by professional and reliable car transportation service provider in India.

In today’s scenario, auto transportation in India is not expensive, it only requires in finding the best car transportation service provider and vehicle carriers in India. Do you want to ensure the best car relocation in India at reasonable cost and with assurance of safety?


Please follow the below mentioned tips that will offer cost-effective solution for car transportation:

Choose Carefully the Right Company:

You should do proper research and locate a genuine vehicle mover who can provide quality service in a cost-effective way. Choosing a company that has high recommendations and reputation will prove profitable.

Ask for a Free Quote:

Compare Pricing:

After asking for shifting quotes from your favorite companies, you should compare the pricing.

Decide the Mode of Transport:

Choosing open trailers or trucks for transportation can prove to be cost-effective.  this will assure safety and security.

For shifting your car in a convenient and reliable way, you can hire car transportation service in India by Euro Packers and Movers. We are the experts in providing a convenient, cost-effective and safe car shifting or moving service in India. Contact us today at +91-9903323350 / 9163708888.

How to Experience a Simpler Home Shifting in India?

Moving or shifting a home or house in India is quite a challenging experience, which leaves every homeowner worried. Research has revealed that 24% of homeowners agreed that buying or moving into a new home in India is one of their most stressful life experiences, which arises due to a new job opportunity or personal reasons. Careful planning is the most important factor to ensure an efficient move to your new home.

Here are some useful tips that will make your home or household shifting process in India simpler and stress free:

Stay Organized:

Home relocation or shifting has a seeming endless stream of details, which requires you to make sure that the entire process runs in an organized way based on the details. Simply keep track of all the details including dates, materials and important contacts, which will surprise you that how beautifully it works in allowing to be staying organized.

Clear Out the Clutter:

Regardless to your moving distance, the home shifting can prove to be more expensive and time consuming if you are including transportation of huge amount of items or belonging. This requires in clearing the cutter, which will help in reducing your stuffs to be shifted. In order to clear out the clutter, you can opt for

  • Garage sale or OLX.in
  • Give some stuff to relatives
  • Think of donating some items, which are in good condition

Consider Top Quality Materials:

You should always invest in quality boxes, packing tape and right cushioning material like polystyrene peanuts and bubble wrap; this will assure a safety for the packed items or belongings at the time of household shifting in India. Spending a few amount of money on quality packing materials can prove effective in ensuring perfect protection for your costly valuables or stuffs to be shifted.

Tune Up the Car:

When relocating to another town, city or state of India, then as a car owner, you can feel worried. Covering a long distance by running the car can result in completely overhauling your vehicle. In this case, you can opt for car transportation in India that will shift the car to your new destination.

Keep Some of the Essential Things at Accessible Range:

You can pack a bag with essential items like medicines, first aid, vital papers, jewelry, snacks, drinking water, casual clothes, toiletries and baby food or items (if having a baby). This will prove to be effective as well as help you in dealing with personal requirements during the day of home shifting.

Choose a Reputable Packer and Mover in India:

If you want a well planned and stress free home shifting in India then it will prove productive with a competent packer and mover that will help in delivering exceptional service and better solution for a smooth relocation.

You can enjoy the benefits of top quality and stress free home shifting in India with Euro Packers and Movers. We are a prominent and respected name in packing and moving industry in India and excel in ensuring industry best relocation services.

Contact us at +91-9903323350 / 9163708888 or send an email to kolkata@europackersandmovers.com

4 Motives Toward Seek the services of Proficient Movers

At some place inside of your everyday living, oneself are utmost going relocating towards shift in opposition to one particular spot in direction of one more. This could be a person stream or a transfer for your business enterprise’s vacation spot. Both route, going can be a difficulties. There are hence countless factors that shift into creating a stream. It is just one of the days within lifestyle as soon as it is truly worth the financial commitment towards employ the service of a knowledgeable business such as Euro Packers and Movers Kolkata towards just take price tag of your go. Below are some factors that a transferring and storage small business can present oneself.

1. They can supply oneself an calculate possibly inside of unique or on the internet. The estimator is properly trained within seeking in excess of at the goods inside of your dwelling or enterprise and figuring out what dimensions of a truck on your own will need to have. They can on top of that compute the rates for going greater products and solutions together with an outsized plasma television set or a grand piano.

Packers And Movers

2. Yourself incorporate the versatility in direction of pack your products and solutions or in direction of incorporate the enterprise pack your solutions for on your own. Though it will almost certainly preserve some income in the direction of pack your merchandise oneself, if your self allow them do it, they contain the bins and appropriate packing materials toward be certain that almost nothing breaks. One more perk toward eating them pack the products is that they may well Deliver a ensure or substitute system for any product that breaks after it was packed as a result of them.

3. Often oneself need to have in direction of circulation out of just one desired destination in advance of the clean spot is organized for oneself toward transfer in just towards. Inside this scenario, a relocating and storage business is made up of the ability in the direction of retailer your goods properly for yourself until eventually by yourself are geared up for them. No matter whether your self have to have storage for your solutions for a pair times or for a several weeks, yourself can loosen up self-confident that a transferring and storage business is in a position towards just take superior treatment of your aspects. Yourself have to have towards create certainly the storage warehouse is bonded, insured, and thoroughly safe with safety cameras, movement detectors, and a sprinkler course of action.

4. A going small business consists of the acceptable applications and tools towards stream large solutions. This guards by yourself versus avoidable problems. The Movers and Packers are qualified and include handed heritage testing assessments.
If oneself contain a stream coming up, take making use of a reliable business enterprise together with Euro Packers and Movers Howrah.

Contact Packers and Movers Kolkata at +91-9321244755.

The Best Packers and Movers in India That You Can Rely On In All Aspects

Here at Euro Packers and Movers, you will find one of the leading providers of packers and movers services in India.

AS your chosen provider, we don’t just promise to serve as your reliable partner providing the technology and resources needed to deliver first-rate relocation services.

Packers and Movers Services in India

    Focused on Delivering High Quality Performance and Services

Achieving the delivery of this level of service won’t be possible without the combined efforts of knowledgeable and experienced team. We mean to provide a service that our customers will be satisfied with.

That’s what our team aims to achieve, ensure and provide onwards.

    A Reliability that Resulted from Combined Skilled Workforce and Updated IT and Communication Systems

We have a qualified and skilled team to support us on that aim. We want to provide the best service to our customers.

What Differentiates Us from the Rest?

Innovative Solutions: One of the reasons that made us among the trusted packers and movers in India is our innovative solutions.  Our services are tailor-made to your needs.

Tight Deadlines:
Customer satisfaction and quality service means completing the task at hand promptly.

Contact us for a reliable and the best packers and movers in India? We are here to serve you!

Choose The Best Packers And Movers Kolkata

The demand of Packers And Movers has surged due to various reasons. Everyday many households shifting or corporate relocations takes place in Mumbai. This could be due to dispersion of offices and business centers across Mumbai. There is huge cargo movement because of the presence of a port. All this provide extensive growth opportunity to Packers and Movers in Mumbai.

Nevertheless, the customers still questions the reliability of the services rendered by the Packers And Movers Kolkata. Mumbai Packers can rely on these packing and moving service providers as some of them believe in quality and customer satisfaction. The onus to identify those Packers and Movers lies with the customers like Households and Offices. It is appropriate to show some inquisitiveness before hiring or selecting any packer mover for transporting goods.

Before hiring any movers and packers, make certain that they are located both at the source destination as well as the final destination. This will not only ease the relocation process for you, but will also give you assurance regarding the company. This will help you to get a better understanding of the quality of service rendered by them. It’s better to take some time and decide on to something, rather than rushing into things.
Euro Packing-3

Make everything clear right from the very start, so that no extra costs pop-up in between the shifting process. Also ensure that the packed things should be taken care of. Look for an insurance offer and strike the best deal.  If while unpacking, you notice any damage to your items, fill a claim within nine months of delivery.

You can also look for the add-on service, which might be provided by them such as free storage for a few initial days. You can also avail expertise advice on every choice you make regarding relocation. This will help you in carrying out a perfect and smooth relocation, without diving in to the sea of confusions and difficulties.

Visit our site: http://www.europackersandmovers.com/